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scuba diving:

one of the most popular scuba diving spot in Visayas. all dive sites are 10 to 15mins boat ride to reach from the beach and go back to beach every after diving.

action tours:
the first runner of outdoor action tour in Visayas that "Planet Action Adventure" offer to you the various outdoor action tours. it from kids to adults could easy to perticipate.

island hopping:
a boat is chartered, to Pescador Island, White beach, Badian Island, and so on. place will change, and mood will change too. and it can enjoy snorkeling, sun bathing, and so on.

kawasan falls:
a waterfalls in next town Badian. "KAWASAN FALLS" the waterfalls are three steps. and it has big waterfall basin. that natural pool of the cold clear water is the suitable for cool down the body, which got sunburn. You may go by lunch bringing or there is a method, which a local eating-house is used for too.

rent a bicycle or a motorcycle, and it isn't put freely, and wanders. attention is necessary for the innocent child who jumps into the road for the defense-less. and also need to attention a bus to run through the trunk line.

it cares for the body gently, which every day stress or play gets tired. "SIATSU" or "SWEDISH OIL MASSAGE". friendly lady gives its service in earnest for one hour.

to relax in the resort is a little getting tired, to such you:

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